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Floreat for Trade

Floreat is a super premium low-alcohol alternative to champagne which many consumers prefer. A sophisticated sparkling botanic wine, it provides an instantly recognisable wellness experience which creates brand loyalty unheard of in the sparkling wine category. Floreat delivers a distinctive modern taste, carefully blended flavours and subtle botanical aromas create a bright crisp and complex drink.


Floreat is especially suited to celebratory events where the lower alcohol means that more people can participate and fully enjoy the event. The drinking experience is more than just flavour, it focuses on being a better experience over drinking traditional champagne. We provide direct trade route as an alternative to our national drinks distributor for niche, super premium Spa and Wedding venues as well as the high-end Delis and Farm Shops. If you are interested in stocking Floreat, you can use the sign-up form below.

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Every bottle is given our guaranteed quality taste test.

Spa Hotels

Create a deeper and more luxurious experience to your spa by adding Floreat to the menu. We passionately believe in exploring herbs that have been recognised for  their benefits. We combined a selection of botanicals  and turned them into an exciting, low alcohol, low-calorie drink that enhances any rejuvenation treat. 

With its relaxation effects on the mind and body, Floreat is the first in its field and compliments any spa day or treatment for your guests.

Wedding Venues

Floreat is an elegant accompaniment to any wedding and is particularly suited as a welcome drink. 

A thoughtful, inspired choice for your guests. From the beginning of the celebration, it’s low alcohol content enables them to replenish their glasses without compromising their poise. Ensuring guests are picture perfect throughout the day.

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Floreat is a wonderful alternative to champagne and a thoughtful gift for the increasingly health conscious consumer. We have beautiful presentation boxes available for our bottles which look sophisticated and luxurious on shop displays. Floreat RRP is £18.00 per bottle and £20.00 boxed. 

12 Bottles

(£10.50 / bottle) £126 +VAT

24 Bottles

(£10.25 / bottle) £246 +VAT

48 Bottles

(£10.21 / bottle) £490 +VAT

96 Bottles

(£10.16 / bottle) £975 +VAT

Taste Reviews

Floreat is my absolute go-to for any celebration or just a cosy night in. A beautiful refreshing flavour that feels soft and tastes elegant with its light citrus and herbal notes.

Floreat is very easy to drink, light, smooth, fine-textured and soft, all the aspects of the wine are in perfect harmony. There is a hint of citrus but it is not overpowering.

This is delicious, feels healthier than other sparkling wine, reminds me of happy times in Cornwall, fairly priced... I have recommended to several friends.