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The best drinking experience in Champagnes & sparkling wine

Posted by Anne-Marie Hurst on
The best drinking experience in Champagnes & sparkling wine

The ‘Floreat Challenge’ is to consider what makes the best Champagne and sparkling wine drinking experience. We believe that the modern drinker is considering much more than just flavour and wants to experience wellness in all its forms, not just as they are drinking, but through the night to vitality the following day.  

What drives a great social experience? Being relaxed and in a happy mood are key.  Yet there is so much that can make us relaxed and happy. Remember the smells of a lovely warm summer’s day, the floral smells floating above the hint of freshly cut grass?  With Floreat we layered subtle and complex aromas to give you just such reminiscences which we craft with fresh rose petals and violets, compounded with many other botanical extracts. Discern each of these aromas as you sip a glass and consider your relaxation levels and mood. Floreat is lower in alcohol than traditional sparkling wines, Champagnes and Prosecco's which are typically about 12.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Floreat Classic is only 5.4% ABV  - so about two and a third glasses of Floreat is the same alcohol as a single glass of traditional fizz. 

As a result, consider your mental acuity when drinking Floreat and how the reduced alcohol impacts mental sharpness and your ability to be amusing in social situations. 

Many of Floreat’s loyal supporters say they drink Floreat because of the reduced sulphite reactions they experience. While Floreat does contain some sulphites (from the original wine) we have found that the natural antioxidants in the herbs help preserve the ingredients to minimise the amount of sulphites needed. Also the herbs, such as Milk Thistle and St John’s Wort, assist in breaking down and removing both alcohol and sulphites from the body, which are known to negatively affect sleep.

So the Floreat’s challenge to all the champagnes and sparkling wines is to be compared in the completeness of how they feel.  We would like all drinkers to consider not just flavours but also relaxation, social-ness and long term vitality, as we believe these are the dimensions of what makes the best drinking experience.

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