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Our Task

Floreat is the result of our tireless pursuit to establish a new way of optimising socializing and using herbs for more than just flavour

Our Philosophy

We passionately believe that a balanced approach to alcohol is a justified way forward. Herbs have traditionally been included in foods and drinks for many thousands of years and science is beginning to explore these uses more thoroughly.

Our Answer

Floreat is both lower alcohol (5.4% ABV vs. 12-12.5%) and calories (36 vs. 72Kcal/100ml) than sparkling wines. We use only the best herbal sources, so Floreat contains organic, biodynamic botanics and manufactured to medical grade herbal standards to ensure top quality herbs.

Our Secret

A patented method of blending twenty six different herbs, vitamins and botanical extracts including violets, rose petals, lime flowers & milk thistle seeds.

Our Story

Taking its name from the Latin term, meaning ‘let flourish’, Floreat is the brainchild of Anne-Marie Hurst, a qualified medical herbalist and former Diageo executive, who has united British expertise and craftmanship to reinvent tonic wine with the modern drinker in mind.

Addressing the global shift towards more mindful living and consumption, Floreat is uniquely crafted with a special blend of herbalist quality botanicals that have been thoughtfully handpicked by Anne-Marie who regularly uses these herbs.

The Herbs

Floreat is an innovative trailblazer in the use of herbs within a sparkling wine which has been patented

Milk Thistle

Carduus Marianus

Only the seeds are used which are firstly finely ground. 75 seeds are used in every bottle

St John’s Wort

Hypericum Perforatum

The flowers leaves and stems are used and this is only harvested when the flowers are freshly opened.


Equisetum Arvense.

The whole of the green plant is used and is harvested in the summer months. It often is found in sandy soils which are naturally high in silica.

Lime Flowers

Tilia sp.

The flower bracts are used when these are first in flower, which can be difficult as it is a large tree. 50 Lime flowers are used in every bottle. It has a lovely delicate fragrance

Blue Violet

The small plant is harvested when the pretty flowers are open, which can be for many summer months. Often found where there is a lot of leaf compost.

10 Vitamins

Which include C, B, E, Zinc and Silica.

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