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Welcome to Floreat

The new Cornish sparkling botanic wine.

Welcome to Floreat

The new Cornish sparkling botanic wine

Welcome to Floreat

The new Cornish sparkling botanic wine


A sophisticated sparkling botanic wine. Low in calories and high in biodynamic botanicals Floreat strikes a balance between nature and hedonism. Its lower ABV alcohol content is kinder to your body, while the herbs so carefully hand-picked by it's creator Anne-Marie Hurst  add a delicate and pleasing flavour. 

Light bright and golden, with gentle bubbles and a zesty, crisp nose. Floreat delivers a distinctive modern taste. 

(Lower calorie 35vs. 89Kcal/100ml. Lower alcohol ABV 5.4% vs. 12-12.5%.)

Our Philosophy

We passionately believe in exploring the benefits of herbs that have been recognised for their efficacy. Used in food and drink over millennia, herbs are now being scientifically investigated and recognised for their uses. We decided to combine a balanced approach to alcohol with a blend of biodynamic botanicals. 

Taste Reviews

Floreat is my absolute go-to for any celebration or just a cosy night in. A beautiful refreshing flavour that feels soft and tastes elegant with its light citrus and herbal notes.

Floreat is very easy to drink, light, smooth, fine-textured and soft, all the aspects of the wine are in perfect harmony. There is a hint of citrus but it is not overpowering.

This is delicious, feels healthier than other sparkling wine, reminds me of happy times in Cornwall, fairly priced... I have recommended to several friends.