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Luxury Wine for Revitalising Spa Experiences

Perfectly balanced botanicals ~ lower alcohol, full experience.

A Balanced Approach

Floreat is designed with elegance and sophistication in mind. Combining a balanced approach to alcohol with a carefully considered blend of herbs, minerals and active botanicals, our award-winning sparkling wine is the first in its field. Rich in vibrance and aromas, Floreat mimics the uplifting, relaxing sensations of having a full alcoholic drink, whilst offsetting the unwanted after-effects.

Champagne flute of Floreat Sparkling Wine with bottle of Floreat in background.

Unwind & Rejuvenate

Inspired from the reasoning behind the desire for a glass of wine, Floreat is the perfect drink to enjoy during a spa experience. At a time where you are wishing to unwind and rejuvenate, Floreat provides a unique way of bringing about these sensations in a lower alcohol sparkling wine, leaving you feeling refreshed, calm and content.

Two and a third glasses of lower alcohol Floreat are equivalent to a single glass of champagne.

Candles, incense and a dry body brush on a circle wooden table.

How Do We Do It?

In simple terms, we replace the positive effects of alcohol with
effective herbs in considered amounts, alongside using specific herbs to mitigate the negative aspects of the small amount of alcohol present in Floreat. 

Extra benefits of Floreat aligning with a spa experience:
~ Stimulates feelings of wellbeing and mindful living 
~ Contains gentle mood and vitality boosting traits 
~ Creates a sense of calm and encourages stress relief 
~ Some consumers experience increased quality of sleep due to the low alcoholic content
~ Helps to remove negative affects of alcohol on the mind and body,
whilst still providing a light buzz associated with drinking full
alcoholic beverages 
~ Vegan, low in calories and high in biodynamic botanicals and minerals 

From the very first, relaxing sip, to your quality of sleep and vitality levels the following day, we hope you enjoy your Floreat experience to the fullest.

Floreat Wine being poured into champagne flute glass. Bottom of a bottle of Floreat Wine with champagne flutes in background. Bottle of open Floreat Wine stood on outside table next to full champagne flute glass of Floreat with plants and strawberries in background.