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Taking its name from the Latin term, meaning 'let flourish', Floreat is the creation of Anne-Marie Hurst, a qualified medical herbalist. She recognised the global shift towards more mindful living and consumption, and her vision was to create a delicate and delicious sparkling wine, lower in alcohol and calories than existing sparkling wines on the market. 

The story began at Anne-Marie's kitchen table, where she lovingly chose a unique blend of botanicals. The vision was to pursue the use of herbs and combine them into an exciting, low alcohol, low-calorie drink that enhances any social gathering or celebration. With its relaxation effects, Floreat is the first in its field.

We decided to combine a balanced approach to alcohol, the final blend was created with master sommeliers over the course of 18 months to produce a sparkling wine that is a beautifully balanced bouquet of flavour. Light bright and golden, with gentle bubbles and a zesty, crisp nose. Floreat delivers a distinctive modern taste.