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Sparkling Rosé Wine - Floreat Rosé

Floreat Rosé Classic (5.4% ABV)


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Also available as a case of 6 bottles.

Floreat Rose Classic:
The Floreat Classic experience with a pink, summery twist

Revel in romance with Floreat Rosé Classic. Our exclusive blend of biodynamic botanicals takes a romantic twist in this finely balanced sparkling rosé. Graceful floral tones lead to a first sip bursting with ripe summer berries perfectly set against crisp lemon scents, with classic fizz to round off the sophisticated and satisfying flavour mix.

At 5.4% ABV Floreat Rosé is suitable as an aperitif, an accompaniment to meals, or simply as the quintessential companion to a sunny afternoon in the garden.

More about Floreat

From the Latin ‘to flourish’, each bottle of Floreat is expertly blended with our exclusive selection of herbs, minerals and active botanicals to create a sparkling wine that maximises enjoyment, eases stress and supports your body.

The result of years of research and innovation, the focus of our unique approach is to inspire the positive mental, emotional and physical sensations we associate with a standard glass of bubbles. Harnessing the power of carefully balanced natural extracts, we have crafted the experience of indulgence and relaxation without intoxication or remorse.


Included in every bottle

  • 20 fresh organic rose petals
  • 50 lime flowers
  • 75 milk thistle seeds
  • 40 violets
  • a pinch of St John's Wort and Horsetail

Our low alcohol wine is

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Lower calorie (35Kcal/100ml vs. 89Kcal/100ml)
  • Lower alcohol (ABV 5.4% vs. 12-12.5%)

More info

  • Bottle: 75cl
  • Each bottle is individually cushioned in an air pocket and shipped in a sturdy outer carton
  • Upon receipt store in the dark
  • Serve well chilled