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Christmas Parties with Floreat

Posted by Anne-Marie Hurst on
Christmas Parties with Floreat

As the season to eat, drink and be merry approaches, it’s time to start thinking about stocking the fridge - especially if you’re the host this year. Floreat is the perfect accompaniment to any festive celebration and makes a wonderful, thoughtful Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Floreat is a uniquely lovely, low-alcohol sparkling wine that allows your guests to maintain vitality and sparkle throughout the day or evening. We created Floreat especially for celebrations and what better time to experience better than with our healthier option, champagne alternative. The mood-boosting herbs leaves drinkers feeling bright while the low-alcohol content means that no one is left out of the celebration.

It is an inspired choice that will relax your guests from the beginning and enable them to replenish their glasses without compromise. The drinking experience is more than just flavour, it focuses on mood, stress relief and gently removing the negative effects of alcohol.

We are wishing you a sparkly and magical festive season!




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