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Spa days with Floreat

Posted by Anne-Marie Hurst on
Spa days with Floreat

Relax, unwind and escape with this perfect pairing. Create a deeper and more luxurious experience to your spa by adding Floreat, sparkling botanic wine to the menu. 

We passionately believe in exploring herbs that have been recognised for their benefits and mood-boosting properties. We combined a selection of biodynamic botanicals and turned them into an exciting, low alcohol, low-calorie drink that enhances any rejuvenation treat. With its relaxation effects on the mind and body, Floreat is the first in its field and compliments any spa day or treatment for your guests.

Floreat is a wonderful alternative to champagne and a thoughtful choice for the increasingly health conscious guest. We are proud of what we have created and thrive in knowing our drinkers are experiencing more by choosing us.

Do you want to stock Floreat at your spa hotel? We are always open to discuss wholesale opportunities or taster bottles so please don't hesitate to GET IN TOUCH. 

For more information on stocking Floreat at your Spa Hotel, please visit our wholesale page HERE.



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