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Floreat... from field to fizz

Posted by Anne-Marie Hurst on
Floreat... from field to fizz

Taking its name from the Latin term, meaning 'let flourish', Floreat is the creation of Anne-Marie Hurst, a qualified medical herbalist. She recognised the global shift towards more mindful living and consumption, and her vision was to create a deliciously sparkling wine, lower in alcohol and calories than existing sparkling wines on the market. 

The story began at Anne-Marie's kitchen table, where she lovingly chose a unique blend of biodynamic herbs. The result is a beautifully balanced bouquet and flavour.

When Anne-Marie was researching the herbs that she wanted to use in Floreat she tested so many to ensure the balance and harmony was right between them. Some of the herbs that have been used include;

Blue Violet

This small plant is harvested when the pretty flowers are open, with can be for many summer months.  Often found where there is a lot of leaf compost. 

Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense)

The whole of the green plant is used and is harvested in the summer months. It is often found in sandy soils which are naturally high in silica. 

Lime Flowers (Tillia sp.)

The flower bracts are used when first in flower, which can be difficult to harvest as it is a large tree. 50 lime flowers are used in every bottle. It adds a lovely delicate fragrance. 


Every bottle of Floreat sparkling English botanic wine contains 20 fresh organic rose petals, 50 lime flowers and 40 blue violets, along with a pinch of Horsetail and St John’s Wort and 75 Milk Thistle seeds. Plus a mix of ten vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, B and E and zinc and silica. 

(Lower calorie 36 vs. 72Kcal/100ml. Floreat Classic 5.4% or Floreat 1.2% ABV vs. 12-12.5%.  ABV.)





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