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Wonderful weddings begin with Floreat

Posted by Anne-Marie Hurst on
Wonderful weddings begin with Floreat

Floreat is an elegant accompaniment to your wedding and is particularly suited as a welcome drink. 

Floreat is a thoughtful, inspired choice for your guests. From the beginning of the celebration it's low alcohol content enables them to replenish their glasses without compromising their poise. Ensuring they are all picture perfect throughout the day.

What makes this product unique are the organic, biodynamic, medical grade herbs, included for more than than just their flavour.

The detail: Containing 5.4% alcohol, nearly 2.5 glasses of Floreat is the same alcohol content as 1 glass of champagne, it is lower in calories at 35Kcals versus 89Kcals per 100ml. (That's only 45 calories per 125ml glass)

To discuss our special packages tailored to bring a celebratory toast to your wedding for wedding planners and bridal parties, drop as a line at for more information.

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